We live in a flawed country with a flawed business climate and flawed politics. People don’t know what they’re doing when they go to work. The media is largely garbage. Kids are being brainwashed by TikTok and Instagram. Our system of laws is old and decaying, just like the roads and bridges.

Yet still we persist and persevere, somehow. It’s amazing it all holds together.

How business was supposed to pan out

A few years back I was involved with some development projects in New York and Oregon. We had communities of investors, a broker, and a license company which contributed to a general fund that paid developers to do work locally.

This model is actually really hard to set up in today’s age. Nowadays, communities of investors are uptight people who only want to invest in stocks and bonds. Brokers only work on Wall Street. A license company for granting licenses so people can work on stuff is amorphous if it’s not done correctly. Just using the GPL or BSD License is not enough. Architecture is required to ascertain the how and why behind projects and move forward given all the constraints.

If we’re ever to move forward on community development and resource-focused projects, we really need to reinstitute how communities of investors operate. Someone usually has the money to do something positive. The real problem is that greedy people get in the way of engagement. They leave it up to the commercial corporate entities to run development models and that usually almost never goes anywhere past the short term or immediate-term.

This is the conundrum all (software) developers face. It isn’t going away. It also really feels nothing is really changing because of the indifference and recalcitrance on the part of investors. It’s a catch-22 or more like a “chicken or egg first” problem. How can you develop anything meaningful software-wise without funds, and how can the funds come into existence at all without the innovation of tech?