FreeBSD 13

FreeBSD + XFCE with sudo privileges is somewhat tricky to set up on a x86_64 vm. It requires open-vm-tools and some other stuff. Chromium doesn’t work. I have VMware set to 4GB of memory for the FreeBSD vm. I wonder if Chromium needs more memory?

I wasn’t paying attention during my installation when I was using only the default 256MB of memory that VMware provides. The FreeBSD installer did *not* like that!

Though Firefox and Firefox ESR both work fine. I think I’ll stick with the ‘fox. This is just a test box. I’m not watching movies or doing anything really resource-intensive.

Code bases

They say: “contribute to a code base.” Where are the federated codebases? The corporate GitHub market is heavily saturated by niche developers and jerks. Nothing innovative is really being done to affect change at local levels because all tech roles are conscripted, IMHO.