Will the media ever tell the truth about 11.22.63 or just continue to buy the Warren Commission report as fact?

A few things I found good to highlight about the documentary JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass. I watched all of it this evening. The pieces have been assembled. I think Oliver Stone is leaving it up to others to connect the organized crime dots:

  1. Director Oliver Stone absolutely destroyed the single bullet/Magic Bullet theory pushed by Assistant Counsel (late Senator) Arlen Specter. They went through autopsy notes and documentation and also numerous eyewitnesses to the autopsies at Parkland Hospital and Bethesda.
  2. How the Vietnam War was escalated after Kennedy’s assassination. Kennedy/Johnson advisers Rostow and Taylor figured prominently. President Johnson sold the American public a lemon.
  3. Lee Harvey Oswald was flagged by a security specialist for the State Department weeks / months before November 22, 1963. Oswald’s name was put on a fake defectors list. The security specialist was harassed by saboteurs and later drummed out of the State Dept before November 22.
  4. There were two other cities where Kennedy could’ve potentially been shot before Dallas during the fall of 1963: Tampa and Chicago. In Chicago, there was a provocateur by the name of Thomas Vallee who was an ex-Marine and had worked at a sensitive military base like Oswald. Vallee trained anti-Castro militants. Right before JFK was supposed to arrive in Chicago, Vallee got a job at a high-rise building in Chicago in front of JFK’s planned motorcade route through Chicago — which was cancelled after the police learned about Vallee. Separate from that they found four snipers / riflemen. Two of them escaped? The two that were held wouldn’t talk to authorities. There was also a provocateur in Tampa with similar sketchy background.
    1. William Bolden was an African American Secret Service agent assigned to JFK (not on the day of the assassination) who later found out about the Chicago plot and wouldn’t let it go. Without him we wouldn’t have found out about Vallee the provocateur who was pretty much a mirror image of Lee Harvey Oswald. The head of the S.S. proceeded to badger Bolden and this agent was later brought up on bogus bribery charges and did time in prison.