A quick thought on cybernetics

A whole new frontier in brain science would open up if people treated brain confabulation as being about signal-based artifacts instead of basic neuronal impulses. The brain is more creative and complex than we give it credit for. Exposure to computers on a daily basis makes this so.

James Lovelock passes away at 103

Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/07/27/climate/james-lovelock-dead.html?unlocked_article_code=AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACEIPuomT1JKd6J17Vw1cRCfTTMQmqxCdw_PIxftm3iWka3DKDmwdiO8RAo2J50qKZ6NmasB22zOFSdtGO7xqSPF7wqlfI0lpAUGOk6ezpa4kcW8zuJ7hGSQ_xY7MVrQ1tjLmYzi0eLwjgee2s0zDbWjgXLiP0HV1OFk185FicQyt3SEJwrzXUbIggqkI1vYqAZ98QjcBdXPK66GuU0MiTY3AOhLM6QA2WPVbXyXTm7Oc6rEDdgZUATHWXS81oDZ8uJ4HZoRhbOuoJAUgecH-nbwbFmdsSYyrDJU0TIXf_K54XhcrZtkm-qfgEPx_QWg11w&smid=url-share

FreeBSD 13

FreeBSD + XFCE with sudo privileges is somewhat tricky to set up on a x86_64 vm. It requires open-vm-tools and some other stuff. Chromium doesn’t work. I have VMware set to 4GB of memory for the FreeBSD vm. I wonder if Chromium needs more memory? I wasn’t paying attention during my installation when I was …