My new laptop

I really like my new M1-based 13″ MacBook Pro. It is rather fast, from AppleTV streaming HD video to running multiple browser tabs in Safari. I personally like the Podcasts app and News app.

It was a good investment. I also got AppleCare+ because I have a couple of rambunctious dogs who run around the house every day. I worry about one of them colliding with my MacBook, which often sits on the coffee table. I close the MacBook whenever I’m not using it and I’m in the other room!

I read the fine print on this Fusion article about x86

Now that I’m a persistent macOS user, this affects me. Turns out they won’t be supporting x86 ISOs booting on ARM (M1 or Apple Silicon). VMware is inventing something new.

“We don’t plan to support installing or running x86 VMs on Macs with Apple silicon.”

“running x86 operating systems on Apple silicon is not something we are planning to deliver with this project”