Now that I think about it

There must be something right with me.

I choose to spend my time learning new things, like Node.js, Javascript, and AngularJS. I choose to do something that is challenging / hard by definition, to set new limits in my thinking, to push the boundaries of what is technologically possible.

Meanwhile other people are wasting their time on stuff like bitcoin. Not only is crypto a money pit, it is a waste of intellectual curiosity. I’m glad I don’t think like someone who is trying to create nothing from something. Instead I am trying to create something from virtually nothing (0’s and 1’s).

On homelessness

They could set up a financial equivalent to block grants and fund the development and construction of tiny houses for the next 10 years. Something like what that church has done on West Hills Road in Corvallis. The homeless situation is reaching untenable proportions.

The problem is half the Senate is so conservative that a bill granting funding of such block grants won’t ever pass. And people like Manchin in the other half are traitors when it comes to social policy as we have found out with BBB.

We need to elect more progressives in the Senate.

I am aware that to some degree, tiny houses are a slippery slope. There is not much throwing distance between well constructed tiny houses and actual shanty towns. There are solutions to housing. The money is there. Raise taxes on corporations. Use the public benefit model. Rethink how revenue trickles up!